Thursday, April 5, 2012

As long as you're moving in A direction...

As COO of Job Searchers Leander...I have lost my regularity with my blog. I have tried to maintain a schedule with my yoga-ing and balance that out with my job searching, applications and yard work. Its amazing how sucky daytime television is. After the first week of funemployment I am no longer intrigued with sitting down and having a lazy afternoon with the tube. It sucks. I'd rather be weeding. THAT is definitely something I never thought I'd say. Me a gardener....HAH! But since my job loss I have mowed the front lawn twice...raked copious amounts of leaves...planted in my newest garden bed and mulched all beds in front of the house. Balanced out with yoga every other day or so and I've been putting some sweat equity into my home. Big props go out to anyone that does manual labor day in - day out to pay the bills. I'm a week and a half out from raking leaves and I still have blisters healing. As with most, being unemployed has its ups and downs. Some mornings I wake up and its a fantastic day to get "that" call back or email and other days I just don't give a damn. I was in Afton's class on Tuesday afternoon and she said something in the middle of the floor series that has stuck with me this week, "as long as you are moving in A direction." It was meant in regards to yoga and postures, bending forward and backward but in the moment she said it, I reflected on my current life status. Most days I feel like I'm moving forward and that my next adventure in work life will be fantastic and I will grow exponentially and other days I feel like 'life sucks, how did I get here?' but in that moment in Yoga I realized that regardless of how I felt from day to day, I am moving in A direction. As long as I am moving in A direction and not just standing still, I'm growing as a person. I might apply for my "dream job" and get a rejection letter automated to me in 11 minutes flat but I didn't do nothing and I'm better for that. Regardless of your current plight or success in life as long as you're moving in A direction you're living. Two steps forward or two steps back, dance your way in A direction and LIVE!

Eyes Open
Breathing Normal
Dancing my way in My direction.